Bio - About the Owner

Karen DesBles is the owner and creative mind of Piddler’s Paradise TX, LLC. She credits the name to her realtor, who during covid, helped locate the perfect property out of the hustle and bustle of the city with lots of room for projects and activity. While walking the around the property the realtor proclaimed, “this is a real piddler’s paradise!” The name stuck and the crafting began.

After embracing the role of a devoted stay-at-home mom, Karen discovered solace and purpose within the walls of her home. As her children grew independent, she found herself at a crossroads, uncertain of her next steps. Motivated by her passion for crafting, she took a leap of faith and transformed her hobby into a thriving business. Karen began hand-crafting wood and acrylic earrings and developed a niche for vibrant, whimsical designs that she has expanded to include novelty items such as bookmarks, keychains, and ornaments. Inspired by the seasons, holidays, and current trends, Karen continues to explore and expand her collection with new products and designs.